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Looks like an interesting system. I see several aspects of other designs incorporated and expanded on in yours. I peeked over on your Kickstart page and I did not see an option to get a set-up fitted with any type of insulation. I would think that a system such as yours, some may be more interested in getting top and bottom insulation with the hammock at the get go and add in things like the net and panels as they need them. I am not sure if this is even possible with how Kickstart works, but you may get more nibbles by including those options.

Also, you would be doing well to send Grizz a set-up to review. He is very fair, honest and unbiased. He is a very well respected member here. All assuming he has time.

Hi opie--Thanks for looking and the suggestions, you make a very good point about the quilts. Not sure about Kickstarter this late in the game but, I'll give it a go.