I am not trying to put HH on blast just add some info for someone who is on the fence about hammock camping in general.

My first hammock ever was a HH expedition zip, I had also bought the HHSS for my bottom insulation, I also had the over cover and 20* burrow from Hammock Gear. My first hang I set out to my local woods with a light rain the temps in the mid 40s. I was back home in four hours with these take-aways.

1. I needed a bigger tarp. As i power-walked back home all i could think about was what was the biggest tarp i could purchase. The rain that did get trough was stopped by the under cover of the SS.

2. Even though there was a light rain outside the tarp I felt like there was a light rain on the inside of the hammock. The moisture build up was so much that I thought my tarp was letting all the rain through and that my hammock was soaked with rain water.

3. I am more claustrophobic than I realize. I was mostly the overcover i think but with my tq, but net, rl organizer, and overcover. All i could think about was that i was in my HH coffin.

4. I was not a fan of the one side entry being the only way to get in and out. mostly because of the first point but also to adjust the HHSS on the no zip side i had to pinch the SS fabric from inside the hammock. if my arms were longer or if i was Mr. Fantastic i would have had no problem reaching up and over the ridgeline to adjust the SS but i was dealt neither of those cards.

Most of these things are just a me issue. I think i could have not used the over cover and been fine, I had pretty much a vapor barrier jacket on so that did not help much for the sweating/ moisture control and pitched my tarp in a better fashion. My hanging buddy loves his HH explorer deluxe he has not expressed any issues to me about his setup. That was the first and last time I slept in that hammock. I have gone on a DIY binge. I wish there was a rental service for all hammocks so you can test them out before you buy. I hope that this helps out at least one person. "That's all I have to say about that."-Forest Gump.