Hey there northern CA hangers!
I'm looking to put together another hang for those of us in the greater norcal area. I'm trying to plan this a couple months out so as to get the best turnout possible.
Last weekend I had a couple guys show up for the Berryessa/Napa hang and it seemed as though a good time was had all around. It seemed to be the first group outing for the norcal region and I'm hoping there will be many more in the future.
I was getting kind of jealous seeing all the group hang trip reports coming in from the east coast and even the frigid piney woods of the upper midwest as well as some in the pac northwest. Also, it looks as if some socal hangers are building up a group hang for Bluejay campground a ways south of here. I would love to make it to that hang or even one up in the pacific northwest but alas, I only have a couple weeks vacation time at work and my family all lives in Minnesota so I typically reserve most of my vacation time for an annual trip back home. And for me, if I'm gonna drive 6 hours for a camping trip, it only makes sense to go for 4-5 days.
As far as where exactly this hang will take place? I am receptive to any and all suggestions.
But here's my shortlist:

Point Reyes National Seashore> All campgrounds are hike in.
More info can be found here \/

Big Sur
Specifically Juilia Pfeiffer State Park
There are definitely other places within Big Sur but this is the spot with which I have personal experience. If you know of other places that would be conducive to a group hang please chime in.

Lake Berryessa
All sites will be hike-in and primitive with no amenities. Located on BLM land where we would pretty much have free range to hike and camp where we please. There are several trailheads to depart from and thus several different site options. There are campgrounds/resorts at the lakeside but I'm unfamiliar with the fees and rules associated with them.

Tahoe National Forest
I'm not as familiar with this specific area other than driving through it to get to Truckee. I've been told camping and hanging opportunities are fantastic. National forests are a great resource that allow many different camping and hiking options with less regulations ie. dogs allowed, dispersed camping allowed, low(if any) fees.

Pacific Crest trail
One of the longest and most storied trails in the US. I've only hiked/hung near Castle peak but I know there are countless access points throughout the Sierras. I believe dogs and campfires are ok for most, if not all, of this trail. Plus, you can say you're section hiking

Tahoe Basin
D.L. Bliss state park is beautiful and right on the west shore of the lake. There are many sites that would accommodate several hammocks.
Also, the Tahoe rim trail is exceptionally beautiful and parallels the pacific crest trail along the western rim of the lake tahoe basin.

Hell Hole/French Meadows reservoirs
West of Lake Tahoe. Wonderful sites with great views and some sites with multiple hammock options

How can I leave Yosemite out of the equation? One of the few places I've been that left me awestruck. There are tons of hiking and backcountry opportunities here so I won't try to narrow it down at this point.

I've still got a lot to think over as far as where this hang will take place but I'm hoping to get some input from others in order to narrow it down. Also, if anybody knows about specific seasonal attributes I should be considering about any of these places let me know please ie. temperature/gear necessities.
This list is by no means thorough and if you know of someplace that would be great for a group hang please chime in and I'll do my best to look into it.

I'll be updating this thread as I gather more information.
Also, if it's not out of order I'll PM some forum members that I see have a norcal location to notify them of this thread. Mods, if this would be frowned upon please let me know, I didn't think I saw anything on posting rules to prohibit such a PM.

Thanks for reading,
if you got this far, maybe you're willing to go a little futher...