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    I made a Bilgy Tarp Tent. Only differance is it has a floor. Big enought for me and gear or two people and weighs less than 2 lbs.

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    I really like this idea too, I've only been a member here for a short while but it comes up about once a week.

    Either a bugnet attached to the tarp or a stand alone bugnet like the Grand Trunk Mozzy Net

    I really love the Mozzy because I could let my dog sleep under the hammock or in the hammock without being tied. I wish a cottage vendor could make something similar but lighter. I see lots of ways to save weight over the Grand Trunk. As much as I see these threads pop up it seems like there would be a good market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    Go here and scroll to the options and you'll see a perimeter bug net for $45.
    Go where???

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    Quote Originally Posted by lubbockhammockguy View Post
    Go where???
    He means here at Mountain Laurel Designs Duo Mid page and click the options tab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalker42 View Post
    I made a Bilgy Tarp Tent. Only differance is it has a floor. Big enought for me and gear or two people and weighs less than 2 lbs.
    Tough to fit a hammock in there, let alone two hammocks?

    One of the nice things about hammocking is the gear doesnt have to be on the ground. With a full-blown skeeter net tarp you'd need to seal the net to the ground.

    Permethrin is a great alternative. Weighs nothing. Keeps the bugs at bay. Plus a netted hammock gives me safe refuge.

    I sprayed a hat this summer with permethrin, and wore it kayaking with a friend...he got swarmed by flies, nothing came close to me. The stuff works!

    I have a 10x10 screen room for car camping. Been tempted to place it between two trees and string the hammock thru the zippered doors. Its got a big bag of poles, so not practical for hiking.
    Kinda like this one..

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    +1 on pemetherin
    I was at a shelter on the AT and evryone there was swarmed by No See ums and Mossies except for me

    One person said it looked as if I had a halo of insects around my head
    I soak my floppy hat in Pemethrin once a year

    I also use a TED style Bug net for the Hammock and I soaked that in pemethrin too
    "HANGING OUT" has taken on a whole NEW MEANING

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