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    Summer 2013, somewhere in the Southern California camping spot.
    I was ready to go to sleep when the herd of coyotes started to howl almost directly over my head. The sound seemed to be completely surrounding us, as if they were to charge down and eat us all. The scariest moment of my life!

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    Back in '04 or '05 my wife and I (well girlfriend at the time) were camped out at the Wild Iris in Wyoming. My wife wasn't raised camping like I was so I told her to make sure all food was left in the vehicle about 100yds from the tent and to bring nothing but water into the tent at night.

    Fast forward to about 2:30am and we are both woken up by something big and breathing heavy lumbering around outside our tent. My wife's eyes looked about the size of dinner plates when she reached into her pack and showed me that she had brought some trail mix and sunflower seeds into the tent. I told her it was probably a badger and to go back to sleep, then I stared wide eyed at the ceiling of the tent all night listening to it move around the area.

    Needless to say she hasn't taken any food into a tent since then and we went out and bought a bear keg and bear mace before our next overnighter.

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