I know about the AT fixation, there for over 37 years.
Sgt Rock on his thru-hike offered the hiking circles a great insight into the fixation on the Appalachian Trail and its extreme over use in the magic first two weeks of March where the trail becomes a sodden inundated wrack of humanity-where it looks like flowers are blooming behind the shelters when it's only the used tissue paper of too many hikers in one spot at one time.
Sgt.Rocks insight was (my interpretation) that between Ga and Me are many Appalachian Mountains, that the official route of the AT has changed many many times, and that it is perfectly ok for him (and me) to consider a thru-hike of the AT one that uses the BMT as an alternative.
In fact when the AT was faced with displacement by city populations there came about the Big Blue and Tuscarora Trails which still exist and are alternatives I would also consider honorable for any thru-attempt or section attempt of the AT.
That said, on the OP's dates, there is no way I'd even want to deal with the throngs of folks who will be on the AT, either thru-hikers and their 'tissue gardens' or the spring break students with theirs. It would be a perfect time for the 800 other miles in the park other than the AT.
But I know fixations so have a great hike wherever you go!