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    Red face HELP!!!!! Alternative hanging methods!!

    I'm very very new to this... As in I just got my Clark NX 250 and pissed off the wife by setting it up in the living room. I got it primarily to use on my mission trips in Mexico. Our base camp down there may require some creative alternative suspension methods. I need as many tricks as I can fill my head with to take with me. There are some posts, very few trees, and lots and lost of deep sand. Please please I'm counting on your experience. Videos and picture would be great if you have them and links would be awesome as I don't know my way around the web on this subject. Come on Hammock Forum don't let me down

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    Check out the "ultimate diy project list" and surf some of the ideas. A little surfing here will go a long way for ideas and such. your in the right place. with a little imagination you can figure out a way to hang pretty much anywhere. If i could figure out how to attach the link for you I would. You won't have to search to much though.

    Welcome to your new addiction. Happy Hanging!

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    You'll want a TurtleLady or OldDog stand.

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    Check out Handy Hammock out of the UK.

    Their stand is very light and compact for travel. It also has optional sand stakes. And their is an option for using your own hammock.

    You can search this site for reviews.

    If you will be going back to the same location time after time. Then build a Turtleladey or turtle dog stand on site might be a good option. Their parts are bulky and may be hard to transport.
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