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Thread: new zipper

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    new zipper

    HELP! We are making a new hammock and it is time to put the zipper pull on the zipper. We are not figuring this out. Any help for us?

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    new zipper

    You have to start by pulling the coil apart a little bit. Then look at the slider, it should only go on one way. The bottom of the zipper coil is flat and the other side the teeth sit up from the fabric. The slider is bigger on one side of the slot and that goes on the teeth side. Start pushing the two pieces of coil that you separated into the slider until they just start to come out of the bottom of it. Then grab them together and start pulling the slider on. As you zip it up nothing will change since you are zipping it "closed" but if you didn't pull the whole thing apart it'll still be "closed". Remember to put some stitching across the coil at each end after to keep the slider from coming off.

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