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    Custom orders and requests

    There have been a number of requests for custom orders, colors and configurations so. . . .

    First we always try to accomodate any request for custom work. Most of the time we do it at no additional charge unless there is a substantial amount of material or design work that needs to be done. For color changes and most splicing items there is no charge for custom work. So if you order a whoopie hook complete package and want your Whoopie Hooks on red and yellow loops instead of the black whoopie slings then there is no problem in doing that. It may add a day to your shipping time since we cannot stock everything. Since most parts are hand made, every splice is done one at a time and every order is either completed by either Dutch or myself (there is just the two of us) then it is just as easy to do these configurations as our "standard" items.

    History: when we added items to our online store the combinations of options was tremendous. We had to decide on "standard" color and configurations. We have worked on and are currently working on being able to add more options to the site. With that we also added a custom page to the site to accomodate anybody that required or requested anything outside of the standard colors and configurations. I think for the most part we have hit the proverbial nail on the head with our "standard" setups because we do not get many requests for custom changes outside of the color of the amsteel / dnyaglide (again we are working on adding that to every option).

    Now: If you are looking around the store and have questions or requests for changes in configuration or color then please go ahead and send a quick email to: and either Dutch or more likely myself will get back to you, usually within a few hours. (got to love the modern tech)

    If you would just like a color change in a whoopie sling or loop and the option is not listed then just go ahead and order with the color request in the message box. We review every message before the order is shipped to ensure we are meeting your requests. Color requests are always done at no additional charge.

    So please if you have a request for set-up, configuration or color change, forge ahead and just us know. We have filled those requests 100% of the time and have no plans to change that policy.
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