I had a lot of trouble with my Thermarest Pro-Lite 4 moving around, and I eventually bought a quilt. Between the slipping and cold shoulders, I got tired of fighting with the pad.

If you're going to stick with a pad, I'd suggest one that has grippers. My wife's pad has little circles of a rubbery material printed on it that keep it from sliding around the tent. I assume they would do the same thing in the hammock.

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alright I tried out my new blackbird 1.1 double and love it, now im debating whether or not i even need my sleeping pad OR selling it and getting a thinner one(currently have a thermarest neo air trekker 2+ inches thick) Im thinking maybe one of the self inflating ones might work better like a thermarest trail lite....does the pad float around much while trying to sleep on it? i really dont want to fight it all night long...thanks!