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    Hanging in Oregon, got a few?'s

    Hey all you pacific NW's. we are thinking of going to Oregon on vacation the 1st 3 weeks in may.
    How's the hanging around the mckenzie river region of the willimette area?
    Will snow be a concern on lower elevation trails?
    We'd like to spend about 2 weeks on the trail, I realize that will consist of going to different trails. We don't mind that.
    I know the region is wet but is this a bad time of year for rain?
    I appreciate any info.

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    May will still have some rain but you should see average temps in mid 60's to low 70.. You will probably encounter some rain on a 3 week stay but no where near as bad as between November and March. Low elevation hikes should be clear for the most part... but as to what will be clear its to early to tell right now. It can vary year to year.. Last year it seamed that most of the trails took there sweet time melting out.
    But by May you should have a decent amount of options..

    Don't fear the rain, one of my favorite time is just after it rains, love the freshness it leaves.
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    Hanging in Oregon, got a few?'s

    Might get some rain but the forest is very dense. I hope to hit the mckenzie before May!

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    Mckenzie area is one of my favorites.

    During that time of season bring bug protection in the form of head nets and Deet or comparable coverage. You should be almost completely clear on the McKenzie River National Trail. If you plan on going up Old McKenzie pass you may run into a closed road about 7 miles up as it usually doesn't open up until early July. During that time of year I set up an excel sheet to track snow melt and check the snotel maps to determine snow melt rate and plan around that. Its a great little area you should enjoy it.
    Also you shouldn't rule out Hwy 20, Hwy 22 or Santiam Pass there are many great trails within about 45 minutes of where you are planning on going.
    Some highlights to hit.

    Sahalie and Koosah Falls
    Deer creek hot springs (Clothing Optional) if the water level is good enough.
    Bagby Hotsprings (Clothing/Fee required)
    Tamolich Pool
    Clear Lake

    That is my old stomping ground so if you want any more in depth info give me a holler.

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    did you know

    that is where they filmed the movie Seraphim falls?

    I remember going thru there when they had all of the production equipment out there. Beautiful area, one of my favorite mt bike rides....

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    Hi ya, Momedic,

    Here are some ideas for you to consider:

    i moved from one area of the country, to the pacific north"wet", only to find that the rainfall was less than HALF from where i moved from!! Thus you may want to look-up inches of rainfall per year, and per month, and compare to what you are used to.... i think you will be pleasantly surprised. gives nice overviews of various cities... just punch in nearby locations.... and you'll get: # sunny days, # rainy days, rain-fall in inches, temperatures etc. Pretty cool site, if you ask me.

    Also, maybe coffee-shops in the area have cameras... i know of some for the areas i like to check for weather... or hwy cameras, which sometimes also offer temps beside a view of the roadway.

    Finally, i have camped that area a couple times (if i understand you correctly), & those mtns many-many times, and know that the further downstream - in this case westward (if i understand you correctly) you travel the warmer it'll be, & the less likelihood of snowbanks from the previous winter's fall.

    Lots of ferns, trees, water, some waterfalls.

    Some of Mckenzie river trail (the trail itself) is rough-n-tumble and sees fewer mtn bikes (higher up) There are hot springs there too, if re-memory serves.

    What else??? hmmm. That is all that comes to mind at the moment.

    Happy Hanging & Enjoy !!

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