Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to hammock camping, but have been lurking around the forum for a year or so.

I like to spend a lot of time in a local wilderness (Sky Lakes Wilderness). Its 6,000 ft and higher, and it can frost in the early mornings in the summer. Last year I got a HH Expedition and their pad. I also have a cheap featherweight synthetic 20 deg sleeping bag made by Ledge. That combination never worked out as good as I wanted. My first time out I was starting to get a little cold by morning, but I thought I could have got by ok with something to keep my feet warmer. I am a cold sleeper and like it warmer. After I got up I got in my pickup to warm up and the readout in my pickup said it was only 46 degs.

Anyways, I got the Jacks or Better Winter Nest and tried it out here at home last night. I clipped on the winter nest and had the wife get in to adjust it. There was nothing to adjust, no gaps and no compressed spots. So spent the night in the hammock with just the Winter Nest and my 20 deg Ledge bag. I was comfortably warm even in the early morning. I just had to keep the top of my head covered as it got down to about 32 degs. There was ice on my pickup windshield when I got up in the morning.

I am really happy with the Jacks or Better winter nest, and I can't wait for summer to spend some time hammock backpacking/camping in the wilderness. Also thanks to everyone for all the info here on the forum, I have made two sets of whoppie slings from the info here.

I don't post much but I read a lot. And thanks to Jacks or Better for the excellent UQ!