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    No Sew Tarp Pole Mod(s)

    Firstly, thanks, as always, to Rip Waverly for his input on this project and any project I ever attempt to undertake.

    So there are a few uses of this mod.

    I am using it to accommodate the spreader bars of my Warbonnet Ridge Runner hammock (or any bridge hammock, for that matter).

    You can also use it as a single "traditional" pole mod at the center of your tarp - discussed below.

    For the double pole mod to accommodate the WBRR spreader bars you will need -

    12 inches of webbing
    12 inches of cordage (I used mason line)
    4 grommets (size 1 [5/16 internal diameter])
    10 - 18 inch poles with insert
    2 - 13 inch poles with insert
    2 - 18 inch poles without insert

    4 tie off locking tips
    20 feet of shock cord

    If you are doing a single pole mod, cut the above quantities in half and add 2 Grip Clips so you can attach the pole mod to the center of your tarp (no need for Grip Clips if you have a tarp with center bottom tieouts such as an Old Man Winter tarp. Just use the regular method I describe for the corner ties).

    I added a scene at the end of the video as an afterthought as I was initially going to do an entirely separate video on a single pole mod with the pole directly in the center of the tarp and also a no sew method. However, it would have been pretty much the same video so I just added those 2 elements at the end of this video.

    As mentioned in the video many times, I did end up trimming the finished length to 120'' and it fit the tarp much better (as the total length from corner tieout to corner tieout across the ridgeline is 120", so it makes sense it fits it better than 124" I originally used).

    I purchased all of the poles from

    Total cost was around $80 for the double pole mod so if you're doing a single pole mod it would be about half that.

    Total weight 14.5 oz.

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