since we have recently had some inquiries on this i just wanted to get a thread up for the 2nd annual black hills hang at sheridan lake in the beautiful black hills of south dakota

the dates for this years hang are pretty much identical to last year with one difference, we added a thursday to the event as just having the weekend last year didn't seem quite enough, especially for those that traveled a long ways to attend

we will be having it in the same place as last year, here are a few links on the area

i know it's early but i just wanted to get the dates out there so people could get us on their calendar, we had a great time last year......even though there was barely enough food

here is a link to last years planning thread

and here is a link to Skygzr's trip report, he does a great job on these!

i know alot of you asked that we do another one this year, so i expect all of you to show up and make this years even better than last year!