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Now there was a lot of novel ideas on your hammock design there. Totally enjoyed watching what was coming next on your video.
I thought the continual loop options on the ends were interesting. Do the two options really affect the way the hammock lays? Curious on that.
Your TQ ideas are intriguing.......my concern would be getting a good fit around the feet with the taper design. but I feel sure you thought this out.
Looking forward to some reviews from users on your whole system.
I appreciate all your thoughts and work on bringing something a bit different to the world of hammock camping.
Hi Shug!...I'm humbled and honored that you took the time to watch my video and comment. I cant count how many times your videos have put a smile on my face. Not only entertaining but, most informative and to me, inspiring. Thank You Sir!!!
To answer your first question about the continuous loop option...Yes , each end will add or subtract from the bottom and sides between 1"- 1-1/2" when inverted. If the head end is inverted, you get more back support and less tension around the shoulders. If both ends are inverted, the bottom and sides will be the same height. Also worth mentioning is that the diagonal lay angle is changed. That means you can lay flat with less of an angle and less sag. The top quilt needs a video to better illustrate it's construction. Although it looks to be flat when connected to the hammock it's not... The underside of the quilt is different than the top, it's sides and foot ends drape down inside. Like a dust ruffle on a bed. It also has a foot box. It's actually suspended from the top fabric. It was a mistake on my part not to show that. Sounds complicated but, it's not once you see it.

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