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    A visit to Mecca + 20 degree Burrow

    A few weeks ago I made a visit to Mecca. Since I live just a short drive from the Hammock Gear home base, I asked Adam and Jenny if they minded me stopping by to pick up my 20 degree Burrow (wide and long, with 2 oz overstuff) on the way to Zaleski State Forest in southern Ohio. They were glad to oblige. I snapped a photo at the entry to their building (below); as they say, pics or it didn't happen.

    What I really appreciated was the time they spent with me when I arrived. Jenny weighed my quilt and stuff sack right there for me and gave me some shock cord to go along with the tabs I asked them to sew in along the edges of the quilt (so I could attach it around a sleeping pad for use when I tent camp with my son). We talked a bit about Hammock Forums and the people on here they know in person. They also gave me a tour of their production process. Sorry, no photos of that -- top secret!

    We also discussed custom possibilities, and I got some good insight on the new water resistant down options that have recently come to market. They even let me put my hand in a massive bag of down. It was odd -- felt like it wasn't even there...

    My Burrow is great -- it served me well on my trip down into the 20s with snow at Zaleski State Forest (pic below, it did happen!), and that impressed me because I'm a cold sleeper. In that regard, my experience is much like many others who have posted here, so I won't bother to repeat what many others with more experience and knowledge than I have said. Simply, "I concur."

    But I came away with more by picking my quilt up in person. I walked away from my visit with a better sense of some of our cottage vendors -- what type of people they are, their passion for our hobby, and their desire to make us happy despite the sort of struggles that any of us face in whatever jobs we have. I was glad to meet Adam and Jenny -- as others have said here, they're good people -- and look forward to doing business with them again. Next up, I'm thinking zero degree Incubator -- but will have to wait til the fall for that.

    Thanks for the great quilt and great service Adam and Jenny!

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    Nice update, thanks! I visited the Warbonnet shop late last year and had a similar experience. These cottage folks are great to work with.

    Congrats on the new Burrow. I tried mine out for the first time recently at a scout campout that hit down to 20 and with just a fleece on I was toasty warm!
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    Nice report, I too picked up my Incubator and they are some great folks! I have a zero degree Inc and love it, it has 4 ounces of overstuff and kept me almost to warm at 6 degrees with -4 windchill.
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