Will tulle or no-see-um netting harm my 1.1 ripstop nylon hammock body with my weight pressing down on the netting and it rubs against the ripstop?

Here's the specifics:

I'm interested in making a bugnet out of either tulle or no-see-um. The idea is that I could use it in my hammock and on the ground on trips where I do not use a hammock.

I was thinking about making a tube that would go around me, which means the tulle/no-see-um would be pressed between my body and the hammock body, made out of 1.1 ripstop nylon. I use an UQ, so as I lay down in the tube of netting, my back/shoulders/head will press the netting against the hammock body. So, the concern is that the netting may cause damage to the hammock body if or when the netting rubs against the hammock.

Any thoughts?

Michael (SoCal Mike)

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