A couple weeks back I went on a group hang with a bunch of southern California members. I tried out my tulle bug net. It's basically just a large square-bottom stuff sack with some shock cord to cinch up around my waist. It weighs about 2 oz. The net was attached to a ridge line I strung up.

It worked fine, but was a bit sloppy because there was so much fabric. In the bridge hammock, the fabric sort of flops down on the sides. There is distance between me and the netting, though, so I think it will keep the bugs just fine. I may trim it up a bit but want to try it on the ground first to see if that would be wise. I think I may like the extra room when I'm on the ground.

Anyway, it was a simple project and did the trick. Might do some slight modifications but I may also try something where the fabric doesn't go under me in the hammock. I don't anticipate any problems with the tulle rubbing on the hammock body.

Michael (SoCal Mike)