Red River Gorge!

Some of us are getting together for a weekend at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky March 22-24. The plan is to set up base camp on top of the Indian Stairway and do some day hiking from there. Nice campfires to relax by in the evening. High cliff lines and ridges, recessed caves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets make it a special place.

Directions- You can get to the Gorge by taking the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway to exit 33 at Slade. (*BE SURE to stop at the Shell Station to pick up your weekend parking pass-just a few $, a trail map-free, and any last minute needs. See *below)

Directions from the Shell Station:
-Go west on Rt 15 for a couple miles.
-Turn right on Rt 77 at Nada.
-Go through Nada Tunnel (very cool!)
-Turn right after crossing the Iron Bridge....still on 77 for a couple miles.
-Turn slight right on Rt 715. Follow until you come to the Bison Way Trail Head. Parking for maybe 15 cars. If we need more, we'll work on it. Total time from Shell Station to trail head maybe 20 minutes.

*Parking pass- Overnight parking at trail heads requires a pass (weekend for just a few bucks which you can buy at the Shell gas station in Slade. Just hang it on your rear view mirror. Get a trail map (free.) Detailed topo can be had there too....$ required.

No water is available at base camp, so bring what you need for a weekend. It's only a couple miles from car to camp, so you can also keep some reserve water in the car.

Day hikes- Lots to do in the area.
-One of the largest recessed caves east of the Mississippi is just a short walk away.
-The Indian Stairway is a fun challenge for those who enjoy heights.
-A 4 mile out and back will get you a couple sandstone arches.
-Rooster Point and the Stairway itself provide for some excellent vistas.
-Large sandstone cliffs with drop-offs are everywhere.

-Hanging spots. There are tons of options here, so no worries.

The Gorge is a great place to visit, and for the most part you can't find anything else quite like it in the east. Bring your camera!

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