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    One Bag Systems are the way to go!

    Secure a water source. Set up gravity filtering system. I hate pumping.
    Then I set up my rig right away. I have an OBS system in a compression bag except my tarp is separate. It makes me happy to have a large dry spot around my rig so it goes up first.
    I then change into dry clothes.
    I prefer to set in my hammock and fix dinner/eat/hydrate. Plus have my morning coffee that way before Im even out of the sleeping bag (another thing that makes me happy).
    Tidy up, hang pack/boots on hammock suspension but have experimented with gear lofts, jury is still out on that.
    I usually then go to sleep.
    I rarely have a fire unless I'm in a group but mostly I'm alone or with one other. My Bush Buddy makes up for having a fire. I've even dried socks with it.
    Packing up is quick now that I compress it all in one bag.

    Edit: I left out that I do hang a bear bag hopefully before dark.
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