Some interest has been expressed about a central Ia. Hang, so lets do it. May 10 is traditional Morel Mushroom season here in central Ia. It's hard to think, with currently 6+ inches of snow, 2 months from now daytime temps should be close to 70 or better, and nightly temps should be 45-50 degrees. Ledges State Park, South of Boone has about 80 camping spots with plenty of hammocky looking trees. A bit of research will need to be done regards reserving sites, or that kinda thing. A word of caution.... several cases of lyme disease have been contracted by mushroom hunters in Boone County, so Permethrin on your clothing and gear is highly recommended. Perhaps a trip by this guy to Tractor Supply west of Ankeny Menards to stock up on the high powered mix to share is in order. For those of you not local, Ledges State Park is South of the Race Track 4-way stop at Boone. A quicker way is East of Boone, and South about 4 miles on Hwy. 17. Look for the brown sign, and a blacktop road west. This way takes you right to the campgrounds. Oh, yes, FYI.. when driving past Boone on Hwy 30, be aware of the 45 mph speed limit. The local cops run a very lucrative speed trap in this area.