In general I research a product in the same way. The variables depend on whether I can hold the item. In all its usually the same process.

usually I google, youtube, amazon, word of mouth, research forums and where ever those may take me.

lets look at this forum for a moment. However you get here odds are you may be aware of some aspect of hammocking but nothing will prepare most of us for what this has to offer.

after spending most of my free and working time here with countless hours practicing on my own, I am now wondering how it could be better.

I feel that most companies, even the larger ones, don't do enough product videos. I feel in this day and age every company should have videos of products at a minimum a features video and an instructional one. I find it very hard to buy, lets just use a pack, without being able to see it... All of it. I understand I can't try it on, but I should be able to see someone open, use and talk about each of its features. A simple picture of something from at best 1 or 2 angles is a joke.

I know that some of the vendors have videos, of course shug, youtube, and other people who have added stuff.

this is my proposal. A sticky list of all products offered by that vendor in a video format. I am sure it can be done either by the vendor themselves or if they do not have time, then anyone of us that spend most of our free time here anyway.

if you look thru most of the regular threads the sticky videos are always there t the top with shug and fronkey making it all seam simple.

I feel these videos will both answer and expand questions. It should also increase sales for such vendors. I realize this forum isn't designed for sales as a direct approach, but it is build on top of these vendors who actively build from experience as a collective.

seeing how I can't sew, do IT, make videos without scaring people, spell correctly with proper grammar, then maybe I practice my arm chair quarterbacking.