How do I start. I am a big boy 300+lbs, I was always sceptical about hammock camping. About 8 months ago I purchased a ENO double nest with all the trimmings. Fast forward to this past weekend first camping trip with my son's boy scout troop that I took over as the scoutmaster in December. First camping trip in 7 years that my wife and daughter did not tag along with us. Had all the scouts in there new tents that we just purchased and I wanted to be different so I packed the hammock this time and I did not do my home work lets just say.

My bottom was cold the first night so I bought another sleeping bag in the trading post the next morning to line the bottom. Next the Slap Straps sucked, the started good but by the second night I thing they had a little extra slack in them. I did not use the bug net as it was cool enough to keep the skeeters away. All in all it was a sucess, I have made up my mind to never tent camp again unless I have to slept great now just need to learn a few tricks of the trade!! Happy Camper