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    My new camo Superfly!!!

    It has been a stressful week... USPS almost lost the package, my post office had no idea what I was talking about... It said it was going to be delivered Wednesday but didn't show up till Friday at 1:45...

    But its here now... After an hour and ten minutes I have it hung the way I envisioned it... I have mini line locks at every attached except ridgeline...

    Bungie loops at the bottom with a fixed loop around the stake...

    Dutch hook on one end runs around the tree and goes back to a fixed loop larks headed onto the little split ring...

    You can also see in that picture there is a nacrabiner running down to a ZingIt line... Thats my non structural ridgeline... It is fixed on the other but removable at any time... It has a nacrabiner buried into the middle of it to hold the pole mod up... I didn't like the idea of the pole mod breaking the seal of the tarps ridgeline so I asked 2qzq to leave off the ribbon... On 2qzq recommendation I ordered .344 Easton poles from Quest Outfitters... I order 6 sections with the connector and 1 section without and the smallest aluminum ends they had... I cut off 12.5" total off the ends, removing 6.25" from each end so that the center pole would be centered off the ridgeline...

    Figure nine is on the other end... Ridgeline and all tie outs are 1.75mm ZingIt and 3/32 shock cord... I will order some dutch bling for this head end when I get a chance but for now the nine will stand in its place...

    My tarp has the new style tie outs... I like the simplicity of it all...

    outside view

    inside view

    Doors are just line locks with 3/32 bungee run through and some mitten hooks tied to the end... Doors are hooked together on the inside right now... Don't need them since its 65* and sunny... Though it is pretty windy it was perfect...

    I'll get some better pictures when the sun cooperates... Perfect wrong angle for me to take pictures right now...

    Obligatory foot shot...

    weight fully rigged is 655 grams or 23.10 oz(probably could shave this down because i have a lot of extra cordage at each point, 35 foot ridgeline and 7 feet on tie outs)... which is one oz heavier than my ENO Profly... thats just crazy... poles and tips without the shock cord(ran out) is 4.3 oz or 122 grams... so say 5 oz or so once the shock cord is put in...
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