I just wanted to say that this forum is by FAR the best forum I have ever been on. The forum members are so kind here. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found and members offer it up so readily and easily. For instance I had logged on yesterday evening and when I logged back on today there were over 700 new posts!!!!

I have completely changed my perspective on camping since joining. I used to be an avid ground dweller (not to say I still don't use a tent but thats only because I have yet to put the time into setting my Tallula up with her own hammock that suits her needs)...now I live in the trees while camped out on canoe trips.

This forum has opened my eyes up to the custom made super high quality gear to be found in North America...most of which is made by members on this very board. These cottage country industries are simply amazing!!! Special shout outs to Jacks R Better, Underground Quilts, Molly Mac Gear, Hammock Gear, Warbonnet, Dream Hammocks, Speer, Arrowhead Equipment, and Minibull Designs. If I have not mentioned your business here its simply because I'm either broke and have to save up lol or I havent had the opportunity yet...I'm a gear junkie and can gaurantee that I have browsed all of the cottage country industries on here and can say with ease that they all impress me with innovative gear!

I recently recieved a letter in the mail the other day from Hammock Forums. I must say that I had a lousy day at work and was tired and stressed out. That letter made my day. It basically thanked me for my donation to the forum and included inside was a Hammock Forum sticker...how cool is that?

There are so many members that I wish to thank for making this community warm, welcoming, and so interesting. Shug of course would be on that list but there are so many others including the fellow the other day who posted that wonderful dog story about walking to heaven. Bottom line is that all of the members on this board make it work and thrive. I'd like to thank all of the Hammock Forum members for making this the very BEST online community out there!!!!


Sam and Tallula