I recently contacted Paul about a possible deep cold project. I needed a TQ and UQ that would keep me warm in the freezing Canadian north. I told Paul that I already had a few winter quilts that kept me warm in the summer, partially warm in the spring and fall, and would not even consider for winter camping. These quilts I mentioned are of excellent craftsmanship and I cherish them...it's simply that I am a very cold sleeper and have "special needs". My special needs are that the quilts must be good to go to the ground and cover A) my 90lb pit bull mix Tallula and I, and B) my wife and I when tent camping. The quilts also need to be of cheerful color to boost my mental state on those long, remote, and somtimes scary solo canoe expeditions. They also need to be built to open/close properly should Tallula need to come into the hammock with me.

Anyways, Paul was extremely positive to build such gear for me, he walked me through the specs, offered his own valuable advice, and kept me up to day on the whole process.

The result...I just recieved my package today...perhaps a month since we started talking...maybe a tad longer. The TQ and UQ are AMAZING!!! We went with a sky blue exterior, and grey interior...this color combination is perfect!!! The quilts looked exactly like what I had dreamed of having before I even contacted Paul. With each quilt having over 5" of loft from water resistant 850 down...lets just say I got hot from just looking at them

I will post pictures of them when my wife is home to help me figure out how to work the camera and computer lol.

Want to hear how devoted Paul is to his work and to what lengths he goes to offer the very best in customer service? Ok...this is a true story. After I sent my first email to Paul telling him of the project I had in mind and if he was up for it I got an email back a few hours later from him...just hours after he was married...um...yeah...that should give you an idea lol.

Thank you Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!