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    DIY hammock
    DIY cuben tarp
    pad/sleeping bag
    Wow. What a cool story! I haven't been blessed with the opportunity to see such a thing yet, but I can't wait until I get my turn.

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    There are so many to choose from, so Ill just go with Mr Bubbles. It was last summer Me and a friend got time off together we hiked the 13miles from our job at Old Faithful into our campsite at 3 river junction (straight up epic campsite on a peninsula between two rivers, some nice old growth fir, a nice hot pool just across one of the rivers, and close enough to hear the falls) we got there with maybe an hour left of daylight. Hammock camped of course, woke up the next morning broke camp and hiked the mile and a halve back to Mr bubbles, which is the closest thing to a jacuzzi you'll ever find in the world. The hot spring is located at a slight bend in the Ferris fork where the cold water of the river mixes with hot water coming from a central jet of hot water that was running at full force when we got there and frothing up the water real nice in the middle there are also 3 other places where hot water run in, so the water temperature varies depending on where you are, so you can always find a comfortable spot. It was just a perfect trip, nice weather, good company, long enough but not overly exhausting, an awe inspiring place, and because it was the very end of the season we only saw two other people out there.

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    bigger is better;)
    HG, JRB, UGQ, WL
    If it aint Dutch..
    "... our job at Old Faithful..."

    Dang! Nice job!!
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