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    FS: 1.8 ACU Hammocks are Back (limited run)

    I recently posted a FS thread for some fabric and hammocks to help support a scout project. We ran about 35 orders! It was a great effort and it helped contribute to making nearly 35 hammocks for both a Boy Scout troop and Cub Scout Tiger den I serve with.

    Well, we have enough fabric left for 5 final full setup SL hammocks! This is the last of our material and will help cover the last costs for the project.

    FS: $60: 1.8* SL hammock. 10' or 11'. Includes ridgeline, 6' whoopies, 6' tree straps and toggles - includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. I'll remove the suspension and drop $10 from the price or add an adjustable ridgeline and dutch titanium ridgeline biner for $10.

    Sorry, no international shipping or double layer orders please. Also, the original cost was $55 but we found that shipping/packaging costs were $5 more on average than we planned during the last project.

    First 5 "I'll take it." goes home with a great hammock.

    As a note, the first run was very popular. Some quotes from those that purchased thus far:
    "I tried mine out in the yard last night and oh my was it nice and comfy."
    "I'm currently swinging gently in my new rig in the backyard. This is a suh-weet hammock. The fabric feels nice and soft with just a touch of give. Craftsmanship is top notch. Can't wait to test it in the woods!"
    "I was excited to get it hung and man it is comfy. I was not sure what to expect. I just figured I'd support what you were doing with the scouts. Man ya'll exceeded my expectations."

    *Originally listed as 1.6 but some folks weighed it and it showed to be a bit heavier than advertised. This fabric has a great feel to it!

    Edit: The weights for this setup are:
    18.4 oz. : 1.8 SL 11' complete hammock w/ suspension.
    14.2 oz. : 1.8 SL 11' hammock w/ ridgeline and no other suspension.
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