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    Canada>Ontario>May 2013 - EGL Spring Canoe Hang - May 2013 - Planning Thread

    EGL Canoe Hang Spring 2013 - Planning Thread

    Each March, as the days get longer and Cardinals return, I start thinking more and more about open water, canoeing and trout cooking over an open flame. Over the last few years I’ve had the fortune of paddling on some memorable trips with quite a few of the amazing folks from Hammock Forums and have been fortunate enough to make some good friends. Let's hit the water again!

    Destination: Algonquin Park’s McIntosh Lake, via Canoe Lake or Magnetewan Lake access points. While Canoe Lake is the logical route; faster and more direct, Magnetewan is considerably more scenic.

    When: May 3-5 depending on ice-out.

    Requirements: Given the long paddle across ice-out waters and a 2300m portage, I strongly recommend intermediate to advanced flatwater experience.

    Conditions: Expect the worst and hope for the best. Depending on forecasts, outfits good to -5 would be advisable.

    Food: I’m all for group soups/stews each night. It’s become a popular tradition on our EGL canoe hangs. Beyond that, you’re on your own. Fishing gear and licenses might also be in order.


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