Well I ordered some webbing from strapworks.com. Ordered few Poly Ribbons for wrist lanyards on some of the bamboo trekking poles that I am making and got a set of 1" polyester webbing straps also. Unfortunately there was a mix up and they sent me 1" polyester ribbon instead of the webbing for the straps. Sent them an email and Thomas Foster(Owner) responded immediately and through a few exchanges of emails and photos he was more than happy to send me out the correct 1" webbing and I was able to keep the ribbon free of charge without having to go though the hassle of sending it back and waiting for the correct webbing to be sent out. Webbing is being sent out today and I cant wait to get it and set up my wife's new suspension.

All businesses make mistakes from time to time but it comes down to how they fix the mistake that sets some businesses apart from others. The response was immediate and resolved the same day. I will be ordering from them again for sure.