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    Arrow Omega Pacific vs SMC Descender Rings

    Since I have both types of climbing rated rings, I figured i'd show the differences between them. First off the Omega Pacific Rappel Rings topped out at 1.2 oz each. Pretty heavy. The thinner hollow rings that are just rolled aluminum, topped out at 0.4oz. Big difference. You can see them in comparison to each other in size. The Omegas, from my understanding, are solid vs the others that are hollow. I have been having trouble finding the lighter hollow SMC descender rings at the vendors I frequently shopped. I have been able to find them a few places but they seem to be fading out. I have found a few sites that sell a thinner version of the hollow rings but they are not designed to handle heavier loads that a hammock suspension would incur upon them. I ended up buying the Omegas which are quite a bit heavier but are at least safer. I wont have to worry about them stretching out over time or possibly failing. Although, I dont really think they would ever fail because I am using 2 of them at each end of the hammock so it isnt 100% load on each. Or is it?

    Anyways, just wanted to post some pics and show them up next to each other so you can get a good idea of their size and weight. I posted a pic of some 1" webbing fed through the Omegas so you can see how big they are. The biner is a Black Diamond Neutron. Hope someone finds this useful.


    Not my pictures below. Just some pics I found of the SMCs that had failed. Edit: These pictures are not from hammock suspension use. Just some pics I found of them all stretched out is all.

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