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    MO Hang 5 - OT Thru Hike - May 3, 4, 5 2013

    MO Hang 5
    OT Thru Hike (Taum Sauk Section)
    May 3, 4, 5 2013

    This is a 3-day hike that will cover approximately 33 miles. We'll start our hike from the Hwy A trailhead at the base of Bell Mt on Friday morning, and end at the Russell Mt trail head on Sunday afternoon/evening. I think we can time it right so that we'll be at the Johnson Shutins trailhead at lunch time on Saturday for anyone that wants to join us at that point.

    I think the best way to get cars at both the start and end points is to all meet at the Russell Mt. trailhead, then we pile into as few vehicles as we can to get to our start point, the Hwy A trailhead. It is a 45min drive between the 2 points, so we dont want anyone to have to do both directions Friday morning. Maybe we can all pitch in a couple bucks for those that drive us to the Hwy A trailhead.

    Some details we still need to work out:

    1. Once we find out how many hikers we'll have, we can figure out how many cars we need to take to the Hwy A trailhead. We can figure this out Friday morning at the trailhead.

    2. We need to find out if overnight parking is allowed at Johnson Shutins trailhead for anyone that wants to meet up with us on Saturday.

    Post up if you are definitely going. It should be an adventure!
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