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ok, so I was all packed and ready to go, as I leave for a week of work in Chicago. Everything loaded food, fuel and water (1/2 liter) 15 pounds total. I was very pleased, then the Ridgerunner/bugnet version showed up in the mail today.... oh! all my superlight weight hammock plans out the window- I laid in the ridgerunner with my 40 degree TQ and UQ and just about fell asleep in the set up process... must have it... must bring it.
So I am 16 1/2 pounds fully loaded. If I can lose a few pounds this week on my middle I will compensate....
Wow I have been trying to cut the weight but I am at about 17.25 pounds as a base, about 6.5 on food. Figure I will be 30 total with water. Guess I need to start working on it more lol