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Too short? That's odd, cause I'm 6'4" tall and the Eno seems plenty long enough for me.
All about personal comfort. My personal comfort (I'm only a short 6') likes a longer hammock more than a shorter hammock. As always HYOH on that front.

Here is the ENO, TrekLight, and TicketToTheMoon hammocks side by side. The far ends are aligned evenly, but you can see the difference in length. From left to right, ENO - TrekLight - TTTM:

I AM NOT knocking ENOs. Not at all! One of my first hammocks was an ENO and I probably have half a dozen of them. Excellent loungers! But if I'm taking one of these style hammocks to sleep in, it is almost always one of the other brands. Usually a TTTM rig. They seem to be the most comfortable to me. Genuine Draft would kill a person (quite slowly, I'm sure) if they tried to take my her TrekLight. She prefers the TL Double over any other hammock in the house. I got me a weird chic!