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    Taking your tag line seriously

    Maybe you missed the point two of us made: The larger Clark tarps are worth much more than the allowance for not including one with the purchase. You're leaving money on the table. You cant' find a comparable 11' x 10' for $90, shipped.
    AES's 10' x 10", for example is $130.

    I'll say this, though, for a hex tarp with the Clark hammocks: The inclusion of hoods over the ends of all of them makes the loss of coverage from the cut-outs less significant for blow-in of rain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saucybagles View Post
    holla hangers, am thinking of pulling the trigger on a Clark. before I do some thing I would like clarified. first will the use of a 3rd party tarp (my case a Maccat) at all interfear with the hanging of the Clark? it looks like the goods at either end of the hammock are suppended form the tarp at built in connections but I may be mistaken. as always thanks for the help gents!
    Something hasn't been mentioned. If you use a "new" build, you'll be fine. The older version did use the tarp as suspension for the hood and the lower. It's not a big deal, you can suspend the hoods by the bungies like with the new version, but if you buy something used that has the older manner of hanging, you'll have to be aware of it.

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