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    Heading South (AK & TX) and need advice

    So CryOTheWild and BigFatSellout along with my oldest son and I are road tripping south for a week. We were thinking of stopping at Ozark National Forest or the Ouachita National Forest for night one then possibly staying around there or heading to Texas and either Davy Crockett National Forest or the Angelina National Forest. My questions are:

    A. Is dispersed camping and specifically hammock camping allowed at these places?

    B. Which of these parks is the "best"? by best I guess I mean overal trails, scenery, trees, etc...

    C. what are the conditions down there now... or what will they be in two weeks?

    D. Anything we should be aware of as none of us have hung in AR or Texas?

    Also, We're thinking of leaving the 17th and coming back on the 22nd or 23rd. If anyone wants to meet up with us and hang for a few days that would be great

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