Hey everyone. Names Tim or butters (which ever you prefer). I live in southern Illinois right next to some amazing areas. Giant city state park. Panther den wilderness. I'm close to garden of the gods and the river to river trail. I've been camping my whole life but just started hammock camping.

I have a HH ultralight with the included rainfly and tree huggers. I love it. I have set it up in some of the craziest positions I never thought you could sleep on. Its fun being on a steep hill that no one else can use.

I have a complete pack for backpacking. I'm working on building a better clothing selection for different weather. I'm mostly a spring summer fall guy. Going for winter next year.

My first major backpacking trip was over 12 days and did about 100 miles. It was a class trip for a grade. We went thru Michigan up to the UP and down thru Wisconsin. We went to Warren dunes, grand island, isle royal, and the porcupine mountains to name the big stops. My hammock did amazing.

The only problem was I wanted mg hammock to be a little warmer. So I was looking at new gear for it and stumbled here. Glad I did (I think). Ive have found alot of good info here and figured I better join and start learning.

Sorry for the long winded post. Looking forward to learning and maybe do some of the trips I see planned. Thanks for reading.