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    Well watched the video on grizz hammock, took notes, i got the nylon cut made a template for the curved part, now i am really stuck on do i hem the edges now or wait till my webbing comes in. Still having truble maken the end caps, watched video over and over still dont understand. Any help would be great, as i have 6 hammocks to make before the weather gits nice here in missouri.

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    Check out how Hangnout does his endcaps. Around 8 minutes in.

    And this post shows how the end of the hammock looks.
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    Well went to walmart bought some straps so i can git them sewed into to edge i am hoping thay work as thay have a 500 lb. Work load, i am realy trying to figour this diy hammock build out before i go out buy the top end cord,webbing and nylon. Its hard to build stuff when i have to order everything and wait on it to ship.

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    I had concerns about the end caps as well when I made my first bridge hammock (others will follow). I wanted the hammock body "hanging" so I could see/measure the shape needed for the caps.

    Here's my posting with photos that will help somewhat to explain the steps below...

    1. Roll hem the ends.
    2. "Roll hem" the long sides around the webbing.
    3. Fold the webbing ends back and sew to make loops at each corner.
    4. Make amsteel dog bones and larks head to the corner webbing loops.
    5. Attach suspension to dog bone triangles with Dutch biners.
    6. Insert spreader bars in the amsteel larks heads.
    7. Hang and enjoy.

    I added the end caps later.

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