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You could organize your own group hang!
Look at the bright side; you would have your choice of trees!

When is your tour up and do you know where you'll be next?
Tried to last year. Yeah I have choice of trees, the only downside to the coconut palm are the 5lb seeds these things drop. Just cause their green don't mean they won't fall... My tour isn't up for Atleast 2 more years here and no clue to where I'm headed next, I do have ideas on where I would like to go though.

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There can be only one... but you were here first. A dilemma. Also I'll take a trip out, Guam sounds a lot nice than a frosty Canadian winter hang right about now.

I just... need a hammock first.
There's plenty of room in the ocean for more than one fish...we're the making of a school. The only question is once theirs enough "fish", will we call ourself a school of hammockers or will it remain a flock of hangers?

The hammock you choose for your first will always be dear to your heart as your gateway hammock, but you will probably get more just like everyone else does. What I would suggest is to get a tablecloth from tableclothsfactory and whip it with some paracord or whatever. Buy or make a whoopie sling kit from whoopie slings or BIAS or papa smurf, and get out there.

Flying fish are some of the most graceful yet awkward fish I have ever laid eyes upon. Hence the picture next to my name. It's awkward to see one fly but they do it gracefully especially for fish.

Welcome to this vast floating ocean fish, maybe yours will unfreeze soon. If you ever need a warm vacation and want to risk a coconut as an alarm clock, let me know and we'll work it out.

Disclaimer: I have just ended a 23 hour workday so I apologize if my philosophy seems a little weird...