I kind of owe the folks at Sam Houston NF a bit of an apology. I knew they were struggling with budget problems, but had no idea that thier budget had been cut so drastically. This came across the LSHT Yahoo Group. The new Director addressed the monthly Trails Coalition meeting and gave this bit of info:

Forest Superintendent Mark Van Every: Superintendent Van Every said he was glad to be here. He has finally moved his family to Lufkin from Minnesota. His previous district included the Boundary Waters Wilderness and many trails. The first issue put in front of him on his arrival was the trail closures in the Sam Houston National Forest. The budget on the SHNF is a challenge. Four years ago it was 25 million; now it is 15 million. Partnerships and grants are necessary. Volunteer programs are the only way to make it work.

Anybody got any ideas on what we, as a group, could do?