A friend just launched his first Kickstarter project. What do you think? How would you incorporate this into your #hammockcamping kit? His initial thoughts were for using it with tent and tarp guys/ tie outs but he has found many other practical applications for it and some not so practical (but fun) applications.

I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of these LoopAliens. There will be a LoopAlien abduction of sorts and it will be my turn to do some experimentation and probing.


This is NOT intended for supporting body weight. It was tested to failure at 270+ pounds with deformity to the part. also The smaller hole is too small to fit 7/64" Amsteel-blue for a SLS suspension.

I had initiall thought when the idea was being run by me (this would make a great hammock suspension) but sadly that will not work with the aluminum set.

He plans on offering a "stretch" goal incentive of stainless steel and titanium for hitting certain funding points. Those versions may be able to take the kinds of loads an occupied hammock would place on the suspension but that would be an "At Your Own Risk" deal.