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    Cuben fiber quilt in high humidity?

    I've searched for information about how a Cuben Fiber quilt would be in humid environments, but no luck. Anyone have experience with this situation? I've been considering the epiphany quilt by enlightened equipment but I'm concerned about the humid air in the tropical environments that I will be traveling to during my year off to Asia.

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    I'd think it would be perfect. It' is completely waterproof, hence need to manually insert air into the quilt.

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    I made an insulated cuben hammock, then turned it into a cuben underquilt. It works, but I need to pay a lot more attention to controlling my body temp, and I'm usually aware of a slight tendency for condensation to form (on the good days). I think cuben is better for tarps, dry bags, packs, and some rain gear. It's not a good choice for quilts or hammocks. I would still use the lightest cuben (1/3 oz/yd) for baffles in a quilt if I wanted it to be ultralight, but I'd try M50 for the top and bottom layers. For a still very light quilt (but not ultra) I'd use Pertex Quantum, Pertex Microlight, or Momentum 90. That would save a lot of money, but might add an ounce or two. (There are other new lightweight fabrics that I'm not familiar with.)

    One other thing about cuben quilts - they need a breathable fabric panel to let the air in and out. The location and size of the panel affect how easy it is to compress the quilt for packing. If you trap air in the cuben portion, compressing the quilt risks popping it.

    Humid environments add to the challenge. Some might recommend synthetic insulation, but I think down can be managed.

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    Thanks for the reply's. If Cuben is being used for light weight than down must be used as well. I think if the humid air goes into the quilt it may pose a problem to the down as it absorbs the moisture and retains it even after the quilt has been deflated for transport. How difficult would it be to remove this moisture in order to prevent mildew, mold ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tosh View Post
    .... How difficult would it be to remove this moisture in order to prevent mildew, mold ?
    Reading this thread ... that's exactly one of the concerns I'd have. Traveling in Asia, especially damp places like Thailand and Indonesia ... it's hard enough to get breathable items to dry out during a three week trip much less and extended period. And I stay in places that have marginal AC units in some factories I've stayed in. I'd just be speculating here but my guess is you'll have a high risk of mildew/mold.

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    Thanks for your comment Hawk-eye. I think were on to something. I hope we'll get someone with experience to discuss their results.

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