We've explored the realm of tablecloth hammocks and we're offering:

1) Choice of blue or red crinkle nylon tablecloth, 60"x126".
2) Whoopie sling and ridgeline kit consisting of 24 feet of Amsteel for whoopies, 12 feet of Zing It for a ridgeline and for whipping the hammock, two needles (one small for plucking strands, one large for splicing) for making the whoopies and the ridgeline and a pair of beads to prevent pull-through on the adjustable loop of your whoopie.
3) 72" straps already pre-sewn with loops. 100 percent polyester. No stretch, 1,500 lb. capacity.
4) A pair of aluminum toggles for making a marlin spike hitch.
5) A bag made by us for the kit to go into.

Cost is $54.95 plus $7.50 shipping, continental U.S.

This is an entire DIY Kit with all the tools you need (except scissors or a knife for cutting AmSteel) and it makes a hammock and a suspension kit with whoopies.

Caveman has a good thread on whipping and we recommend this method.


We'll post other tutorials on our site in the coming days.

Here's the kit: