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    Mt Rainer Winter Hang

    So my wife and I met up with a couple of my co-workers and some of their friends, for a Mt. Rainer campout. They wanted to build igloos, and of course we took our hammocks and camped in style.

    After the short hike into where we were going to set up, we all got started. We were set up in about ten minutes or so, and made our hot tea, they were still trying to cut their first blocks of snow. Any way we all help out and got things done just about the time the sun was setting. We would have been done earlier but my dumb batooky had to knock down the top portion of the second igloo roof, which extended the build time, and made me feel about as tall as an ant.

    After that Dave (who was a chef, turned culinary arts instructor, turned Dean of Students) got things going for dinner, and boy was it good. Some sort of noodle dish. His breakfast was to die for as well.

    The thing that I found most interesting, was how old all of his gear was. I felt like I was watching a climbing movie from the 70's. I had never seen so much old school gear in my life. From his old school snow shoes, external frame pack, 20 year old REI head lamp, and 30 year candle lantern, etc, etc, I was just amazed. But hey, it still works, and he still hikes and climbs with it.

    The next day it was snowy and wet, so I was motivated to get out of there and get back home. So I shot a quick video of the igloos and our set up. tore down and got out of there.

    I figure this will be the last winter hang for the year, and now its time to bring on the spring hiking. Bust out the rain gear Hope you enjoy.

    The video starts out as a slide show and then goes to the video.

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