So I guess I should say a little something about me. I'll start by saying I tend to ramble, even when typing and I am more of a math and science person so I apologize up front about my grammar. I grew up here in Alabama on 100 acres of woods. As a kid and teenager I spent a lot of time in the woods, however I never really got to do any overnight camping.

Fast-forward to good o adulthood: Unfortunately my parents no longer own all the land so I sort of forgot about the woods for awhile. A few years ago I went camping and caught the bug again. I work a lot and hardly ever get to go out. This year I finally worked my way up at work to where I can finally start to get away from time to time. So I started researching different set ups and styles of backpacking.

Finding hammocks: Trying to find a system I thought would work for me I found a GI jungle hammock at a local surplus place. I am the type that does a ton of research before I buy anything. After doing a lot of reading I decided I really liked the idea of not sleeping on the ground, but after reading some reviews it didn't look like the jungle hammock would work for me. I watch a lot of youtub videos whenever I am researching something and I stumbled across David's Passage youtube channel and the ENO double nest hammock. I also came across Shug's and Professor Hammock's channel which lead me to this awesome place.

Well now that I have gotten my life story out of the way... I have not yet gotten to go out on a hammock trip yet. I have a trip loosely planned for sometime in April. I am just enjoying reading all the post and definitely taking notes on what's what. Trying to build up the gear I need to get a good start at it.

Would also just like to thank everyone for all the post on this forum. I have already learned a ton of things and continue to as I read through everything I can.