First of all, it's a vertical video. I hate vertical videos, but I didn't have my trusty Swamp Stand with me, and I forgot to rotate the bloody camera. Please forgive this humble hanger his honest mistake.

Now, on to the trip report! (as told by Gresh...whose recollection is above suspect)

Arriving after a late meal at Hardee's, I pulled into Huntington Beach State Park around 2200hrs (that's 10:00 pm for you layfolk) to much fanfare and a parade. Firemedic, Paulie, Cwbybld, MBcruzin, and Junebugdawn (who I initially mistook for a random drifter, invited to stay in our site this night) had gone out of their way to select a suitable pair of trees for me. Deeming their measly offering unworthy of holding my considerable majesty (IE: two trees no bigger around than my wrist) I set forth into the piney woods to find more suitable lodgings. Choosing to share a tree with MBcruzin (the organizer of this shindig) as a way of punishing him for his earlier meager offering of pint-size trees, I was suspended above ground in short order. The fire was good, the fellowship was better, and the Gresh was well pleased.

Friday and Saturday are kind of a blur - not because nothing happened, but because some really pretty good stuff happened and overshadowed the menial parts of the day. Friday found me on the beach for a while before turning in for the night after a dose of Junebugdawn's "poser stew" (a thinly veiled infringement on my famous (and unarguably better) Cowboy Stew).

Saturday came with a raffle, which bore the coveted prize of the Mabajamba tarp - a prize which went to Firemedic. In all, we raised $480 in American currency to donate to Huntington Beach State Park - a donation that stays with the park specifically. After dropping the money off to an astonished Ranger and another random retail jockey behind the counter, a proper Cowboy Stew was prepared, consumed, and thanks primarily to Cwbybld, "spirits" were raised.

Sunday was met with painful farewells and sorrowful partings, as always happens when I leave...but my friends of Palmetto State Hangers can't always have me. 3 hours later, I was back home, unpacked, showered, and like a normal person again.

Thanks again to MBcruzin for organizing it, and for EVERYBODY who made that amazing donation to the park possible. I can't wait to do it again next year.