I started off my hammocking with a KAQ New River long UQ which is rated for 30*. I'm a warm sleeper and I've slept comfortably down into the low 20's with it. It's a great product, but I wanted something that would pack a little smaller.

With all the praises for ALL the cottage vendors here, it was tough to pick a source for my new UQ. I finally settled on UGQ. The next choice was 20* or 40* rating? Since I'm a warm sleeper and I rarely camp out when the temps will dip below 20*, I thought the 20* model might be overkill. Adding the fact that I wanted something that would pack small, I decided on the 40*. BUT... it turns out the 40* Zeppelin isn't as wide as the 20* and 0* models (45" vs. 49"). I'm 6'2" and 230 and need the width.

And here lies the beauty of cottage industry and responsive craftsmen: a couple of quick e-mails to Paul and I was able to order a widened version of the long 40* Zeppelin (one extra chamber to add width) with an ounce overstuff of down to give me some extra headroom on the temperature rating while still ending up with something that will pack small. This UQ should cover the vast majority of my hammock camping while making some extra room in my pack and lightening my load.

I will be ordering a new TQ too, as soon as my piggy bank gets full again.

I feel like a kid counting down the days until Christmas.

Take it easy,