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Thread: Cuben hammocks?

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    Cuben hammocks?

    I'm a little surprised that Gardenville seems to have the only cuben hammock so far and that was a little while ago.

    Am I missing something?

    Since I got my cuben tarp a few years ago I've been thinking about a hammock.
    I think the first thing that stops people in their tracks is the whole breathable thing but I mostly do inter camping. In any event, if you sleep on a foam pad in your hammock, or on a pad on the ground, or if your mattress at home has a protector on it, then you sleep on a none breathable surface. I think people forget that.

    If its that big of a deal, I wonder if we could just perforate the fabric to some extend in the torso area to allow for ventilation.

    What I'd really like to see is a cuben bridge skin style put together.

    I can't be the first person to think of this, so what am I missing here? Where are these projects?

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    Other than the breathability thing I think another issue is that you would probably have to use one of the heavier weight cubens which would just make it a really expensive hammock without the weight savings. Sgt Rock, I think, made one once and it ripped. Not sure what weight he used for it.
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    yeah, you don't want to be using tarp weight cuben for a hammock, a heavier version would be needed

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    As a DIYer, the price of the material is the biggest problem, not the breathability. That is welcomed here in hot and humid Florida.
    My first stop is at wallyworld to the now $1.50 bin (no more $1 bin) soooooooo....
    ...yeah...... it's the price.
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    Dutch made a cuben hammock, but didn't like it. I made an insulated cuben hammock, but worried about structural integrity (it was very light), so I turned it into a cuben underquilt. Cuben isn't as comfortable as fabric that stretches a bit and breathes. Use it for other stuff.

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