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    weekend day hike from laural falls /pic heavy

    My wife and I went on a beautiful day hike to Laural Falls with fellow hammock fourums member Jproaster and his wife ,it was a perfect day nice cool breeze and temps in the low 70's,this was the first time for me hiking there and im glad that i was invited i will be going back ,Jprohinking of putting a group hang there ,and i think it would be a good place to do that ,there are several trails that can be hiked as day hikes and the scenery is top notch ,we only went on one of the trails to laural falls but there is another falls called snow falls i need to get back to see that one ,any ways here are a few picks........
    2013-03-16 12.59.24-1.jpg

    2013-03-16 12.59.43.jpg

    2013-03-16 12.57.23.jpg

    2013-03-16 13.36.07.jpg

    2013-03-16 14.12.11.jpg

    2013-03-16 14.57.30.jpg

    2013-03-16 14.59.40-1.jpg

    2013-03-16 15.09.03.jpg

    2013-03-16 15.04.36.jpg
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