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    Vario stand

    Does anyone have good/bad experience with the Vario hammock stand? I want to hang an eno double on a stand and want to be sure that the Vario or other stand will be adequate for the dimensions of the eno double. thoughts?

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    I have a vario and it gets the job done. I sleep out on the back porch with it. However when I make a mod to my hammock or UQ etc etc I go out to find some trees b/c you can't get the same experience with the stand that you get with the trees. Not w/o some mod's to the stand anyway. Most of my hammocks are 10' and I sleep just fine when hung in the Vario.
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    bigger is better;)
    HG, JRB, UGQ, WL
    you may want the vertical extensions.

    Try this using Google as your search engine (not the quote marks):

    "vario stand"
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    I have a cheap Hammaka double that I think is about the same as an ENO double. I have the horiz adjustment all the way in and the vert all the way up. I have short 4" maybe amsteel loops on the end.
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    Mine is plenty long for all of my hammocks except the WB RR bridge, that combo absolutely sucks. I have to add an extension that I bought with it, and never used except with that hammock. But the extension only seems to make the stand flexion worse, and I really do not get optimal results at all with that combo. When I want to test this hammock, I find some trees at least 15 ft apart!

    Also, for some reason, my Speer hammock does not like the Vario stand. Not near as bad as the above, but not great. It's fine once I am in, but getting in and out is miserable. I have never figured out why, it's not a long hammock at all.

    But all of my WBBB, all of my HHs ( way long and saggy Safari is tricky but doable ) and Claytor and JRB bridges work just fine. Just keep in mind that the uprights flex a lot, and you will always need to account for that one way or another. Isn't the ENO 10 ft long? I use my 10 ft Claytor with ease, and I have even used my 11 foot WL. But I would not recommend buying that stand if you plan on using it with a WB bridge!
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